Northern Stars

of Alberta




Who We Are


We are the Alberta chapter of the Northern Stars Motorcycle Association a proud group of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts from all across Canada. 


Our name shows our strong support of the Yamaha STAR brand of motorcycles.


We exchange ideas and information on all motorcycles as well as Yamaha STAR motorcycles and the sport of motorcycling in general.


Nationally the Northern Stars Motorcycle Association has more than 5,800 members.  


The Northern Stars of Alberta was founded in 2003 and has over 900 members.  


Along with the riding and camaraderie our members are actively involved with fundraising in communities throughout Alberta and Canada.

Membership is Free!



Here are some of the great reasons for you to join us:

  Group rides

  Membership is free;

  One membership for all Canada;

  Open to ALL Riders;

  Web message forum to talk about bikes, repairs, accessories, upcoming events and friendly banter;

  Northern Star merchandise;

  Discounts at supporting Yamaha Dealerships across Canada;

  Road assistance from local members;

  Members are covered by the CMA while participating in Northern Stars Rides and Events.


  • Meet great riders;

Rides & Events



Rides and events are held throughout the year.




  Spring Fling Kickoff Ride

High River Campout

  Informal rides organized by any member.

  Monthly Meetings


Meetings are normally held once per month to


of interest to the members.

Check out our events calendar and/or the forum for

meetings in your area.